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We do not give you just rooms to stay. We give you an environment so you can experience the best while on a holiday with us. Walk into our hotel and enjoy a refreshing, rejuvenating, day-off with us.

Locals on the Island

are occupied with their daily routine, you don’t see them at all during the day, man go for fishing, woman mostly busy with children and household, kids go to school, some work at offices, some are busy building ships, 5 times a day everyone goes for prayer in Mosque. Some are busy doing nothing and simply enjoying the day. Once the heat is gone, around evening time, parents dress up their kids and go for a walk together to watch sunset. Young generations play some outdoor games like volleyball or football. Locals are very friendly and enjoy the company of foreigners and always invite to play with them. They are very hospitable and can invite you for a tea or coffee in their house. Sometimes there are nice festivals on the island, everyone is trying to take some part in preparations, its always lots of fun. Our guests also enjoy the cultural experience and have lots of positive emotions!

Cultural Experience

In Sabba Beach Hotels you will experience and learn the art of true Maldivian cuisine, with oldest recipes of national traditional dishes, which Maldivians eat daily and on festivals. You can also order 1 day in advance local treats called “short eats” and enjoy it with tea in the afternoon.


Fishing is one of the most favorite excursions not only for men, but for woman and children too. Woman are more lucky sometimes  There are 3 types of fishing - during different time of the day. Your catch will be grilled on coconut coals for you straight after return to the island. For instance fishing trip & fish preparation will cost you 30$ per person, children join our excursions for free if their parents are joining the excursion. To compare with resorts it is in 3 times cheaper, in resorts you would need to pay around 70- 85$ per person, + 50% for each child and your fish will be cooked for your only on the next day after the trip. In Addition you will need to pay extra for preparation. Big Game Fishing is also possible at Sabba!

Sand Bank

Sand Bank is a sandy island, on which there is no palms and greenery. Sometimes you can see it during the day, and night time it disappears under the Indian ocean. Sand bank is located not far from our island. We do a combined trip there, guests also try a different snorkeling location. It is also possible to make a picnic there with some snacks and drinks under the umbrella.

Lobster Hunting

no resort in Maldives will offer you this! Night lobster hunt is also one of the favorite fun activities for men to do at our house reef during night time and octopus hunt during day time. You have a great opportunity to experience something very different in your life. After, your lobster will be cooked for you on the coconut coals. And octopus will be cooked by famous Maldivian recipe. This is definitely on your “must do” list! «Boduberu show» – Maldivian national drum and crazy dancing. Enjoy Maldivian Food and delights with all family! Fantastic evening!

One Full Day in Sun Siyam Irufushi 5* Resort & Spa!

We do not provide alcohol on our island, but by feedback of the guests, its not an issue. Those guests who would like to enjoy some outing and have a lunch and some wine or beer, - we arrange a boat to visit Ex Hilton Sun Siyam Irufushi 5* - its not very far from us, and there are more than 10 restaurants and bars. Great opportunity to experience both local life and resort life. Usually guests tell me: «Well…it was nice there, but we miss our island already ...»

*Please see the excursion price list to see what resort offers and prices

More fun to try at Sabba Summer Suite:
  •  Jet-ski
  •  Banana
  •  Fun bed
  •  Diving
  •  Morning / Night snorkeling
  • Island Hopping
  •  Manta Ray Watch
  •  Dolphin Cruise
  •  Bicycles
  • Maldivian art making from palm leaves

Deserted Island Trip with lunch

– it’s a dream to come true and it will cost you 10 times cheaper, than in a resort. You can spend whole day there, swim in blue lagoon, explore the reefs and island, and enjoy your delicious lunch! We will bring you back once you will be ready!

Animals on the island

On the territory of the island, there is an Iguana and a rabbit living on it  On the island you will see some flying fruit bats (not dangerous), there are some crabs – kids love to chaise them in the evening on the beach with torches. So much laugh and fun! There are small gecos, little island chickens, which run around the island and a “makana” – Maldivian heron. There is no dangerous animals on the island! And there is no dangerous sharks in maldives.

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